As I was traveling home from Clinical Congress 2015 in Chicago, IL, having just been appointed Chair of the Young Fellows Association (YFA),

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This organic chemistry video tutorial provides a basic introduction into ring flips of the cyclohexane chair conformation. It explains how to sketch the chair conformation of cyclohexane and how.

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Bart Roep, Ph.D., the Chan Soon-Shiong Shapiro Distinguished Chair in Diabetes and professor and founding chair of the Department of.

In organic chemistry, a ring flip (also known as a ring inversion or ring reversal) is the interconversion of cyclic conformers that have equivalent ring shapes (e.g., from a chair conformer to another chair conformer) that results in the exchange of nonequivalent substituent positions.

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50+ Flea Market Flips From HGTV Magazine Turn castoffs into pretty pieces you’ll love and actually use. Here are some simple how-tos from HGTV Magazine to get your creative ideas flowing.