1. Gabriela Jocson says

    @rose81475 you start with your legs.. then your arms… well i don’t know..
    I’ve never eaten myself before -sighs- I wonder how I taste? xD o.o I hope
    Meiko doesn’t come at night and eat me >.<

  2. Pickle1312 says

    @xDeMishhiex3 that really means a lot considering i thought myfeet were
    awful ;u; thanks~

  3. Jessie Villier says

    I really like your art! >w< Really great video too~ But, not to mean or
    anything the heads you draw are just a bit too wide. n w n but your
    proportion is pretty good! Just a little note, I really enjoyed this~

  4. mewtuwa says

    @mewtuwa …because I’ve worked on the vid most of the day. XD Well, It’s
    worth it. And I’m glad that I was to lazy at first to draw a picture for
    the vid, because if I did, I wouldn’t make a vid. And I’m glad I clicked
    this! ๐Ÿ™‚ God, I could make more vids like this with my tablet… I love
    this vid. And this song. And you! XD God, I’m souch a nerd… And proud of
    it… O_o And I’m glad I started at once and didn’t wait after I saw this
    vid. Thanks for making me inspired onnce again!