Common Problems With home office chairs. By Cath McIntyre. updated 07/06/18. pin. You may have a chair for more than 10 years, and suddenly the gas cylinder begins sinking. At that point, the gas cylinders have reached the end of its life,

Spacer Fix. Another way to deal with a sinking chair without having to spend very much money is to use spacer materials. There are actually spacer kits that are sold with several spacers of varying sizes which would work just fine.

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So I cut it in half down the middle and then cut it to the exact length I needed to keep the chair at my height. Then I placed the two halves on either side of the cylinder and then used 3 tie straps around it to hold them in place.. how to fix a sinking office chair? Your answer: (Add your.

My chair piston was 1 1/8 wide, and so I bought a clamp that was able to adjust from 5/8 up to about 1.5. The pipe fitting was also about 1 1/4 wide to slip over. The reason for the pipe fitting is so that you have another piece of plastic rubbing against the part where the piston meets the legs of the chair.

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Sinking an office chair is a common problem. It may be caused by not adjusting properly when setting the chair the first time. You can fix sinking your office/desk chair by two popular methods that are Pvc Pipe, Hose Clamp. To know more details on how to fix sinking a chair, read the helpful article How to Fix a Sinking Desk Chair

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