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Parking lot repaving project for the safety of patients, staff and visitors. A reclining and adjustable phlebotomy (blood draw) chair replacement for the lab. Ultrasound stimulation equipment.

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Our phlebotomy chair with a reclining back is the product of two years of designing and testing by a special consultant to a major medical organization. The final.

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Recliner Blood Drawing Chair. The Recliner Series feature adjustable height and position settings for both the staff and patient. The height of this reclining phlebotomy chair for sale can be adjusted from 0" to 8" and the chair reclines for upper body and legs to accommodate most any position.

The Clinton Reclining Blood Drawing Chair model 6810 is fully electrical. You can smoothly control height and degree of recline with the hand control. The arms are self-leveling and synchronized with the footrest that travels with the chair’s seat and backrest for a safe and natural choice for patients who might faint during a Phlebotomy procedure.

Your source for all types all types of Blood Drawing and Phlebotomy Chairs. Our selection includes Bariatric Blood Draw Chairs, Extra Tall Blood Draw Chairs, reclining blood draw chairs along with Adjustable Height Blood Draw Chairs from Clinton Industries, Winco, Brewer, Ritter and UMF.

All 12 patient bays include a motorized, reclining chair, personal television. blood transfusions, therapeutic phlebotomy, and intravenous immunoglobulin therapy. Patients can also receive rabies.

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A blood drawing chair, also known as a phlebotomy chair, is a specialized medical room chair for a patient to comfortably sit on to allow medical personnel clear and easy access of the patient to take a blood sample or to draw blood for blood drive collections.Phlebotomy chairs are commonly used in medical facilities such as hospitals, physician’s offices, nursing homes, and clinics.