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If you have been shopping for a lift chair, you have probably come across zero gravity models and encountered the term "Trendelenburg." A quick internet search of Trendelenburg may bring up some interesting results and old medical illustrations of surgeries, but don’t be scared away.

Trendelenburg Recliners – this type of chair is designed to accommodate patients who need to be moved quickly into a negative reclining position. For example, this trendelenburg chair is commonly found in blood and plasma donating clinics where patients may be inclined to pass out and need their feet swiftly raised higher than the head.

Trendelenburg lift chairs have multiple positions, including the Trendelenburg position and full recline. Designed for full-time comfort, these power lift chair recliners are good for people who will be spending a lot of time and/or sleeping in the chair.

Why Pride Power Lift Recliners? For the ultimate in style & performance, choose America’s #1 lift chair! Pride Power Lift Recliners are the first choice for lift chairs for elderly individuals or adults who need stand-assist recliners. Pride offers an array of stylish and contemporary lift chairs that are available in eye-catching fabrics.

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Find your trendelenburg patient chair easily amongst the 25 products from the leading brands (Hill-Rom, Carolina, KI,) on MedicalExpo, the medical equipment specialist for your professional purchases.

The Trendelenburg position assists in stretching your back while improving circulation throughout your entire body.

The Trendelenburg Position is simply when the feet are positioned higher than the head anywhere from 15-30 degrees. It is the perfect chair for those with achy .

These Lift chairs fully recline, also called the Trendelenburg Position, which elevates the feet above the heart. The infinite position lift chair is perfect for sleeping. If you have trouble standing due to a medical condition like arthrisis or just leg pain let the infinite position lift chair be your standing aid.

The Oasis Lift Chair is available in both Medium and large seat sizes: lc-580im medium fits user height 5’4" up to 6′ LC-580iL Large fits user height 5’9" up to 6’2" Pride’s new LC-580i Chaise Lounger includes Infinite-Positioning, Zero-Gravity, Trendelenburg positioning. It’s the latest advancement from Pride Lift Chairs.